Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lessons learned #5 & #6

#6 - Mantras
Mantras are a great thing to have when you need SOMETHING to keep you going.  In the beginning, I would use Dori's line from Finding Nemo; Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  I would hum it to myself when ever I was feeling like I couldn't do what I needed to get done that day or the whole diet pact seemed a tad overwhelming.  I also liked, "It won't taste as good as skinny will feel?" and I would say it with the question mark because I don't remember what skinny feels like! But I've got a great imagination ;) I can remember waaaaaaaaaaaay back in high school when I would run for PE, I would get a good rhythm going and then repeat to myself, "makes me stronger, makes me stronger!" One of the bigger mantras I have will be a lesson on to itself, but now I'm thinking I need a new one so that I can get myself through the holidays without gaining!

#5 Meal Planning
I hate meal planning.  I would love to just come home and slap something together.  This does NOT work! it doesn't, I end up eating something with more calories or more carbs than I wanted and worse my children end up eating more crappy foods when I don't plan ahead.  A typical day for me is two poached eggs and two pieces of sausage (3 carbs, less than 300 calories), lunch is usually left overs from the night before or roughly a protien with some veggies.  Sometimes I get fancy and cut up lunch meat, string cheese, a tomatoe, some cucumber and some black olives and put it bento style in a small container and take a little dressing.  Snack is usually some nuts or string cheese (if I haven't had any for lunch), sugar free jello or a low carb bar.  Dinner is usually some type of protein and veggies.  For the kids & hubby I add in some fruit and some starches in moderation.  I would love to get to the point that I could meal plan for more than 2 - 3 days in advance.  I was very diligent in the beginning and planned out my meals and snacks every day for the whole week.  Now, it is more like 2-3 days with a sketchy idea for the 4th day.  Meal planning, is essential for dieting success.  This way you won't be stuck with 2 screaming children and NO IDEA what to make and then give in to the drive through. 

My sister and I have made what we call Meal Kits in our pantries.  We have the basics for several meals put together near each other.  This way we can make taco salad or pasta when we want to and it is easy to make a list because we know what we will use and what is missing from our kits.  I was lucky enough to have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) basket every week that came with all sorts of fresh veggies and fruits.  Sometimes too much and I threw out more than I wanted to until I figured out how to freeze the uneaten veggies.  The CSA made meal planning difficult because we got the basket on Saturdays and that meant that I had to make a plan of what to do AFTER we got it which made the weekends a little screwy.  Hoo boy am I off topic. 

Meal Planning and Mantras...they help, believe me!


  1. I hear you! Meal planning is not my favorite thing either. When I get "in the mood" though, I'll make a super-batch of minestrone / vegetable soup, and fill several freezer containers with it. Then, when I'm pressed for something quick, easy and on-plan, I can always reach for some homemade, nutritious soup from the freezer ...

  2. I tried meal planning and in theory it sounds great, but in practice it doesn't work :( I'm always in the kitchen with no idea what to make!

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