Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#13 Restaurants

Order food how you want it!  Restaurants are service oriented businesses.  They are here to provide us with a service.  If you were allergic to something you’d make sure to ask if the allergen was in the food, why not order it the way you need it prepared.  This doesn’t mean be a prima donna about your food, just ask for the substitutions you need.  I will say that when I felt a little weird about what I’m asking the kitchen to do, I'd lie.  I'd say I’m allergic to gluten or that I’m a diabetic, but this was only very very rarely that I felt the need to lie.    I think it was half way through this bet that I just stopped lying and started asking for what I wanted without the guilt.  Never have I had to change my order, the wait staff have always been very nice and given me my burger no bun with a side salad no croutons!  I think we have to stop feeling like we’re hurting their feelings or that we are imposing on them to make it the way we want it to be prepared.  It’s your food, you are paying for it, get it the way you want it!

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