Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week long stalemate

For this entire week I have hovered at 240.something. It doesn't help that this was my first week with students (I teach first grade) and thus I was exhausted (I forget every year that when I get them they are basically kindergartners) and over ate at dinner, but there it is: an entire week at 240.something. THEN this weekend I managed to gain 3.5. Yikes, Yikes, egad! I did however get in my five days on the wii! Yippee to me!

Friday's weight 240.8
BMI 37.96
Net loss as of Friday was 10.3 pounds!

It is hard to feel good about those numbers seeing as I am now 3.5 five pounds over them but for a while I did break 38.something BMI.

In other news I did something to my knee and I am taking Motrin to keep the achy swelling down and I have been trying to be gentle with it. This is hard to do as my husband is deployed and I have a 3 year old and a 7 month old, however life will go on. I just have to be careful with it, loosing is NOT an option.

I will say that this Friday I almost lost the bet. I had one day left of the week and only one day left to exercise and I didn't want to get out of bed. This kind of amazes me that it took 50 days of wii-ing to finally NOT want to wii. However, I remembered I would owe 100 bucks so I got out of bed and exercised!

My friend, who also was wii-ing 5x a week for 100 bucks, lost her bet. I feel badly for her. I am going to try my darnedest to not succumb but to keep going.

Week 6 done! 4 more to go!
Goals for this week:
1. Wii Sat & Sun and 3 week days
2. take a snack to school so that at the end of the day I am not STARVING and can keep a handle on what I eat when it is dinner time.
3. Forgive myself for the 3.5 gain during the weekend. Weight fluctuates. It is not the be all end all of my success or failure it is but one of many measurements. That Big Mac made you feel absolutely sick, and you will remember that feeling next time you are tempted.
4. Keep writing what I eat down in the stupid...I mean helpful journal. Which reminds me I need to write down what I've eaten today.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week of August 22

This weeks goals for myself are:

1. Wii - Sat, Sun, & three week days
2. Keep my calorie count around 1750
3. Forgive myself for little slip ups on the calories, as I tend to have an 'all or nothing mentality.'

Sat Wii - Cardio 30 minutes: step
Sun Wii - Cardio 30 minutes: 5 min hula hoop, 13 minutes boxing, 10 minutes, 2 balance games
Week day 1 - 25 minutes yoga
Week day 2 - 30 strength training
Week day 3 - 30 cardio my choice

Looks good!

The Beginning

It all began at a friend's house where, as a laugh, we all played with the wii fit. It was a lot of fun. Later, I began to think about getting my own wii. Now it is an investment since my spouse already has a play station. Do we really need another game console? After several weeks of ruminating about the wii I decided to get one and I use that thing every darn day for almost two weeks.

Then I decided to bet this same friend $100 that I could wii fit 5 times a week for 10 weeks. Even when if I get sick? Yes, even if I get sick. Even if the kids (of which we both have two) get sick and the pets are all sick. Yes, even then. Alright the bet was made. As of today I am half way through the bet and I decided after searching for current wii fit blogs to create my own.

Here are the stats thus far:

week 1
BMI = 39.41
Weight = 251.1

Week 2
BMI = 38.82
Weight = 247.1
Difference = -4.0

Week 3 (official start of the bet)
BMI = 38.69
Weight = 246.5
Difference = -4.6

Week 4
BMI = 38.62
Weight = 246.0
Difference = -5.1

Week 5
BMI = 38.86
Weight = 247.6
Difference = -3.5

Week 6
BMI = 38.48
Weight = 245.2
Difference = -5.9

Week 7
BMI = 38.24
Weight = 243.6
Difference = -7.5

5 weeks to go!