Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 32 down, 8 more to go

The good news first:

I don't owe $20 to the was touch and go there for a while.  My goal had been this week to drop below 195 so I would have lost 50 pounds total since Feb this year.  So I upped my exercise & my intensity and cut out all snacks.  In 4 days I gained 3 pounds and was quite irritated!  I *think* I put on extra muscle because when I didn't exercise for 2 days I lost that 3 pounds quite quickly.  Who knows!

I was able to run walk a mile this morning.  50 pounds ago it hurt to run to the end of the driveway.  50 pounds ago I had a hard time "racing" with Joseph.  The last month or so, I noticed when I would "race" with him I didn't hurt! So this morning I decided to run the one mile "course" I have made for myself around my neighborhood.  I was able to run it mostly and didn't feel the aching pain in my knees or back! I was quite proud of myself.  I timed myself too, before I was able to get the mile done in about 22-23 minutes today I got it done in 15! sweet!

Today was the last day of my 5th 10 week exercise bet.  Gretchen I were laughing the other day because we didn't know which week we were on, believe me when I say I used to know intimately which day / week we were on and how many days/ weeks we had left (I would even calculate how many minutes that was total {yes, I am that math nerdy!}).  To be at the point where it has become habit is quite amazing to me!

Bad news: So I didn't make the 50 pound mark but I am 1.3 pounds away from it, so maybe next week? but my totals are 49 pounds so far and if we count my heaviest (when I was pregnant with Liam) I am down 80 pounds! cha-ching!

Oh, I was reading a recent blog where the lady is doing a program where you reset your metabolism and she didn't loose any weight but did loose inches.  Holly and I had started The Shred (No, Jillian not everyone can do Jumping Jacks! I don't care that you have 400 pound people doing it! :P~~) and we measured ourselves so I decided to remeasure myself and here are my numbers, since July 19th:

Neck: -1/2 inch
Bust: -1 inch
Waist: -2 inches
Hips: -1 and a half inch
Thigh: -1 and a half inch
Arm: -1/2 inch
Total: lost 7 inches!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 31's Goal

9 weeks left!

I looked at the scale and realized that I am 1.5 pounds away from having lost 50 pounds.  So this is my personal goal for this week.  To break the 50 pound mark!  I think I will make sure that when I exercise I push for 40 minutes and take an extra look at what I'm eating, not let the snacking get in the way of the 1.5 pounds! :)

Next Sunday I could be 50 pounds lighter than I was 31 weeks ago!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

10 weeks left - gasp!

I stare at that number and can't get over it, we've been doing this for 30 weeks! 30!  I am really blown away.  Who knew my dad's old smoking bet (He'd bet someone $100 dollars he could go a year with out smoking) would lead to 47 pounds of weight shed, gone, and worked off!

30 weeks ago, I felt like this would be a long(er) term short fix, meaning that I would diet for 40 weeks and then go back to the way things used to be just a tad healthier than before.  Now, I feel like I've truly changed habits for the forever.  Gretchen and I were talking the other day and we were joking that we couldn't remember which week we were on with our 10 week exercise bet (for 10 weeks we would exercise 4X a week or we'd owe $100) that is a big change because in the previous 10 week bets I knew intimately which week we were on and how long we'd have to go before we could have a week off! I sat down to lunch with a friend and we both had salads but later she had a delicious smelling and looking scone and kindly offered me half.  I was not tempted in the least.  I was full, I didn't need to eat anymore and I was good.  Before I would have eaten it just because it looked good and smelled good.  In the beginning of this bet I would pass on eating food because I didn't want to face the guilt when I stepped on the scale.  Now, most foods that used to tempt me don't anymore. 

Then I came across a blog called Love to Eat, Hate to exercise.  She has been on the ball this week with two fabulous posts that became big a-ha moments for me like this one:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Battle of the Bulge

That phrase always makes me chuckle...the battle of the bulge. But is that was it is really, the battle against fat, the battle against food?

No, it's not. I've learned that fat, food has little to do with it. It's a battle against my fat brain, my inner child who wants to be soothed, my own worst enemy, me. It's not about the Twinkies or M&M's but about my decision to eat them, too many and too often instead of focusing on what I really wanted or needed. The urge to bury, to avoid rather than deal, grow.

It's the choice I made, time and again, to stay in bed, stay on the computer, do *anything* other than what was best for my health and well being, which was put on my sneakers and go for a walk.

The choices and decisions that we act upon each and every day form who we are, who we will become. I'm choosing to be healthy and fit. What choice will you make?

and this one:

Maintenance=drudgery, right? But it's not. Think about it, by doing a little bit of work (maintaining) you can avoid doing A LOT of work.

I am looking forward to these last 10 weeks; not to get the bet over but to see how far I can go, how much I can loose (reasonably).  :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Dinner gone horribly wrong & a fortune cookie

We tried a crock pot recipe yesterday and it was a disaster! It was orange chicken and I love orange chicken, I love General Tso's chicken, I love kung pao chicken....does anyone see the connective bit in all three of those dishes? lots and lots of battered chicken that are deep fried! yummy! So I tried to make a healthier version of it.  Well, I put in too much cinnamon on accident, Joseph wanted to help (Mama, I can do it all by myself!) so I read the directions wrong because I was trying to avoid a spice filled kitchen.   When I cook using a crock pot I put it outside because the smell will saturate my house and my nose and I won't want to eat it. (Silly, I know) So I plug it in and leave it on the deck (ah it would be nice to have a garage). My crock pot cooks very very quickly (even on low, hmm, maybe I should just try the 'warm' setting) and after 5 hours on low (recipe calls for 6-7) the chicken was shredding and not holding its shape, way over cooked and it tasted terrible. 

By now I was starving and ordered a bunch of Chinese food.  Now, my hubby has been to Korea and has eaten some realllllllllly good Korean and Chinese food.  So, we tend to be a little bit of food snobs in this one area.  (I am sure some people are snorting right now and would say that we are food snobs in more than ONE area, but I digress.)  I read some reviews online and found what someone had named one of the three top Chinese food take out places in our area.  I ordered waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much food, went and picked it up (Scary strip mall area, had to lock all the doors when I got out and hide anything that was visible and then stepped two feet into the shop and looked back at my car hoping it was still there. yes, it was that sketchy!) They gave me a free two liter bottle of soda, that's how much food I ordered.  ::laugh:: Joseph ate the chicken and the rice, Liam ate the chicken, the rice, and then started in on hubby's General Tso's chicken.  Half way through the meal, Hubby started feeling bad and I mean really bad.  (He says he doesn't have a delicate stomach, *I* know better) I figured I'd scratch that restaurant off of my list.  Then, I started to feel my heart race, my limbs tingle and had a weird head ache.  Yup, it was an MSG FEST! We tossed all the food and went for a long walk.  I used my inhaler and drank a ton of water to flush it out of my system.

The only good part of the whole meal was my fortune, "Your goal will be reached very soon."  This morning I am under 200 pounds! I have lost 45 pounds!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pictures! hopefully

Forty Pounds's me...and the boys!

Here is my "Choose" sign for myself
Here is my beginning picture with both of my boys, being a mommy means no pictures without children in them!