Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Dinner gone horribly wrong & a fortune cookie

We tried a crock pot recipe yesterday and it was a disaster! It was orange chicken and I love orange chicken, I love General Tso's chicken, I love kung pao chicken....does anyone see the connective bit in all three of those dishes? lots and lots of battered chicken that are deep fried! yummy! So I tried to make a healthier version of it.  Well, I put in too much cinnamon on accident, Joseph wanted to help (Mama, I can do it all by myself!) so I read the directions wrong because I was trying to avoid a spice filled kitchen.   When I cook using a crock pot I put it outside because the smell will saturate my house and my nose and I won't want to eat it. (Silly, I know) So I plug it in and leave it on the deck (ah it would be nice to have a garage). My crock pot cooks very very quickly (even on low, hmm, maybe I should just try the 'warm' setting) and after 5 hours on low (recipe calls for 6-7) the chicken was shredding and not holding its shape, way over cooked and it tasted terrible. 

By now I was starving and ordered a bunch of Chinese food.  Now, my hubby has been to Korea and has eaten some realllllllllly good Korean and Chinese food.  So, we tend to be a little bit of food snobs in this one area.  (I am sure some people are snorting right now and would say that we are food snobs in more than ONE area, but I digress.)  I read some reviews online and found what someone had named one of the three top Chinese food take out places in our area.  I ordered waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much food, went and picked it up (Scary strip mall area, had to lock all the doors when I got out and hide anything that was visible and then stepped two feet into the shop and looked back at my car hoping it was still there. yes, it was that sketchy!) They gave me a free two liter bottle of soda, that's how much food I ordered.  ::laugh:: Joseph ate the chicken and the rice, Liam ate the chicken, the rice, and then started in on hubby's General Tso's chicken.  Half way through the meal, Hubby started feeling bad and I mean really bad.  (He says he doesn't have a delicate stomach, *I* know better) I figured I'd scratch that restaurant off of my list.  Then, I started to feel my heart race, my limbs tingle and had a weird head ache.  Yup, it was an MSG FEST! We tossed all the food and went for a long walk.  I used my inhaler and drank a ton of water to flush it out of my system.

The only good part of the whole meal was my fortune, "Your goal will be reached very soon."  This morning I am under 200 pounds! I have lost 45 pounds!


  1. Congratulations!!!!

    I have lost 31 Pounds and reached my original goal. I set my goal for the top top of the highest "normal" range I could find. Hee Hee. I'm going to try for 1 pound under that goal by Monday. Then I'll decide if I'm going into maintenance mode.

    ALSO, at work they had a weight loss contest during this time. If you win you get free parking in the garage for a year. I WON!!! Yeah! I lost 14% of my body weight. The #2 competitor lost 10%.

    Then I went on Sabbatical to be home with the kids. I'm giving the prize to my husband who works at the same place.

  2. pretty darn exciting! 14%! wow, hmm... I wonder what mine is, I'll have to check.