Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 3 observations

Week 3 started out soooo good it has ended this weekend with a 2 pound gain! sigh.  Its not that I'm not motivated I am, kinda, I am just having a sluggish week.  I have exercised my 3 times with my 4th after I finish this blog and Joseph finishes Animal Mechanicals.  It has been dreary here in MD and I just feel like hunkering down with a blanket and hibernating with a good book and oh yeah...lots of sweets.  Maybe I need more Vitamin D or just being outside more! or maybe that special Auntie Flo is going to visit soon and I get such bad sweets cravings when she comes.  Or MAYBE I've just been slacking and not wanting to take responsibility for it, either way...I have 3 pounds to lose next week or I owe $20!  Nothing like a little pressure :)

This paragraph is going to sound really strange after the one I just!  I was a work this week when I was asked by someone asked me how I'd lost all of my weight, because, you know, they'd like to lose some weight too.  When people tell me this I get really excited because I love sharing and helping people begin a journey to a better them.  So I say that my sister and friend and I made a bet.  (usually they are intrigued) and I explain how we started with the exercise bet (10 weeks 4X a week or you owe $100).  They are usually nodding and thinking about what they wouldn't want to give $100 bucks to and then I talk about the Diet Pact ($10 buy in and $20 bucks into the pot if you don't make your preplanned weight loss).  Again there will be lots of nodding.  Then they always ask, 'what did you *DO*  to lose the weight?'(like I have a magic pill or something {Gods, wouldn't it be easier if there was a magic pill?}) and I see it coming once the first syllable leaves my lips, "I did Atkins," now they grimace and don't even hear "but my sister did Weight Watchers" They always say, oh I could never give up bread/pasta/potatoes/fill in misc carb!  Obviously they've missed the whole point! Find a diet that you can do and do it with a friend! Plan out your exercise!

I love our little diet pact, I love our exercise bet!  I love doing Atkins! I have never felt bummed I couldn't eat bread/pasta/potatoes/fill in misc carb!  I liked Weight Watchers when I did it years ago...I just like Atkins better.  When I tell my sister this story she says, "Rachel, they aren't ready yet."  Holly says, "Rachel, you are putting on your superman cape and trying to save them all and sometimes they have to save themselves!"  My inevitable response is, "I know but...." sigh. "ok."

Maybe I should practice in the mirror:

Curious Person: I heard that you lost a lot of weight, how did you do it?
Me shrug, "Exercise and watching what I eat."   
Curious Person then what?
Me, "Exercise and watching what I eat." 
Curious person: really that's all?!?!
Me shrug, "Exercise and watching what I eat."

I'm not sure this'll work, as I am not good at keeping secrets or things I am passionate about close to the vest.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

First 2 weeks done and boy was it a ride!

For the first two weeks of our new diet pact I had some very dramatic ups and downs.  Now I'm not sure if it is because I used a lot of Atkins treats (as they are a crutch for me when I start as a gap filler for giving up sweets) or if it is because I started P90X and have been working out at least an hour 4 times a week or some combo of both.  At one point I was certain that I would owe $20 bucks on my first weigh in because I had 4 days to loose 3 pounds or some crazy thing like that.  But in the end I pulled was able to loose my 2 pounds in two weeks.  I think I actually lost (calculating...) 2.8 pounds! Nice job for me!  Here are my numbers for the past two weeks and you can see why I was sweating those last 4 days:

Date weight
10-Jan 194.2
11-Jan 192.8
12-Jan 191.4
13-Jan 192.4
15-Jan 193.2
16-Jan 194
17-Jan 195
18-Jan 194.6
20-Jan 194.4
21-Jan 193.6
22-Jan 192.6
23-Jan 191.5
24-Jan 191.4

I think for the next 2 weeks I am going to get my journal out and write down what I eat for 2 weeks (bleck! I hate writing it down!).  I think it will a) help me plan out the day a bit more and b) make me accountable to how MANY treats I allow myself.   

My exercise plan is the same: work out 4 times using P90X.  This weekend the hubby and I have been looking at free are those things EXPENSIVE!  Maybe I'll just plan on purchasing one set at a time.  I went to Target to test out the 10 pound weight and I don't think I'm ready for it, maybe the 8 pound.  We'll see :)  I haven't bought any yet.  I'm going to give myself another week at the 5 pound hand weights. 

My Non-Scale Victory this week; I was able to do 100 girly push ups!  Not all at once but during the Chest and shoulders (?) routine of the P90X.  My goal for this week is to try and do half of those this week as regular manly man push ups (no knees involved!). OH! and I fit into a size 12 from Old Navy! So, in 11 months I've lost 10 dress sizes! :D  Now, they were tight and some of my size 14s from the thrift store are also a smidgen tight, so I'm not giving up all of my 16s but they are certainly getting baggy by the end of the day.  They haven't reached the uncomfortably too big stage but I can see it coming.

I am looking at my numbers and by the end of two more weeks I should be in the 180s! omg!  I haven't been there So, 15+ years !

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I forget how addicting exercise can be!

After taking virtually the ENTIRE month of December off of exercising, this week I exercised 4 times and I forgot how addictive it is and how great I feel afterward.  It amazes me how much better I am able to deal with stress as well this week having an exercise regime to look forwards to after a long day of first-ies!

And the even better news, I was able to do 100 girly push ups this morning! omg! I did it! 1-0-0!

And the EVEN even  better news, I put on my inspiration size 12 jeans this morning and I could zip 'em up! now they are a little snug but they fit!!!! sweet!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 3 of pact

Good news first: NONE of us have to have a $50 buy in, which means we were all able to keep it under 3 pounds since the beginning of November! Back in November when we ended our first bet we said that we could have the rest of Nov and Dec off because we had to be in reality and we have to learn how to survive holidays without dieting and just focus on maintaining.  So in order to keep ourselves honest we said that when we started our new bet on the 10th of Jan that we had to be under 3 pounds from where we were that day.  Yay us, for me that doesn't mean I didn't poke that 3 pound ceiling with my pinky and almost go over because I did...I was sweating that I would owe $50.  In the end I was .6 pounds under what I was the day of the end of our bet!

Now for the eh news...I started Atkins again on Saturday (halfheartedly) and fully on Monday and I am still having cravings for something sweet.  I am trying REALLY hard to determine if I am truly hungry or if I am just craving sugar because I am eating none or am I stressed and want something soothing, (which for me has always been sweets, hense the need for a diet pact...sigh, the vicious cycles we put ourselves through).

The Exercise news - I started PX90 or P90X (what ever it is) and LOVE it.  I totally modify the knee stuff and yup I still hate the yoga because Tom Horton loves those upwards and downwards dogs with a flying knee lift swing through to warrior.  But I still love it and start to get that itchy wanna exercise with the dorky Tom Horton feeling!  I really like the little worksheets he made up! (Why didn't I think of that for the Beach Body Series?) Why do I like Tom Horton instead of Jillian Micheals and her 30 day shred? Well he MODIFIES everything! he gives you a basic way to do an exercise a moderate way to do the exercise and then the hard core way! and he is big on "If you can't do it, hit the pause button, take a quick break, we'll be here when you are ready again!" I love that! instead of "there are no modifications for jumping jacks...I have 400 pound people doing CAN you" blah blah blah Jillian! The other reason I love the Beach Body stuff is that when it is a weight lifting day, I can do the exercises and watch Criminal Minds or what ever I have TIVO'd because I have the worksheets or routine he does!  LOVE IT! 

I was going to try and get up and exercise before I went to school (I used to do this years and years ago, BC = before children) and convinced my husband to set the alarm for 5.  Have I exercised yet at 5? NO! have I woken him and myself up at 5 every morning with the alarm clock? YES! After I had...wait...even before Joseph was born, when I was still pregnant with him I became a very light sleeper bordering on an insomniac and so I do not get a full 7 or 8 hours of sleep ever, EVER! so unless I want to give up my one hour of mommy time after the kids go to bed at 8, then I guess I am not going to be a morning exerciser....sigh.  Something to look forward to when they are both in grade school. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a new year and a new diet pact!

10 Days and counting til we start.

Why the 10 days? Because I hate new years resolutions that start on the 1st, I always feel like I've set myself up for failure when I have been a total pig from the 24th through the 31st. So, I need a week of back to somewhat normal before I dive into a bet.  So the new and improved (hee hee) diet pact will start on the 10th of January.  Here are the rules:

Diet Pact - 10 weeks on 1 week of rest for a total of 3 sessions
  1. If we gained past the 3 pounds we gave ourselves our buy in is $50 if not it is $10 (I'm hoping I don't owe 50!)
  2. Each 2 week interval we will set a goal for ourselves weight loss wise, it is what you personally think you can loose.  Some 2 week I intervals I choose a pound a week if it is a difficult time temptation wise (big birthday coming up or a big project is due) I usually say a half a pound a week because life does have to go on around you.
  3. If goal is not achieved then $20 is put into the pot to be divided up at the end of the 32 weeks
  4. 5K to be run at the Sweet Pea Festival in Montana in August as a celebration of the end of our pact.
  • Session 1 - January 10th - March 20th 
  • Week of rest - March 21th - March 27th (hmm, some sort of limit of weight gain might have to be imposed, we will see how we feel when we get to the end of March)
  • Session 2 - March 28th - June 5th
  • Week of rest - June 6th - June 12th
  • Session 3 - June 13th - August 21st

Exercise Bet - to coincide with Diet Pact - 10 weeks on with 1 week of rest for 3 sessions
  1. Each person determines the number of times they will exercise in a given week, mine is usually 4X a week.
  2. If you fail to exercise that many times you have to donate 100 dollars to a something you despise.   Mine would be someone's reelection fund.  Yours might be buy into a dating service or purchasing a nice leather jacket with someone's sports team that you despise and giving it to them.  It is all about finding something that motivates you not to give in to the couch potato in us all!