Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 3 observations

Week 3 started out soooo good it has ended this weekend with a 2 pound gain! sigh.  Its not that I'm not motivated I am, kinda, I am just having a sluggish week.  I have exercised my 3 times with my 4th after I finish this blog and Joseph finishes Animal Mechanicals.  It has been dreary here in MD and I just feel like hunkering down with a blanket and hibernating with a good book and oh yeah...lots of sweets.  Maybe I need more Vitamin D or just being outside more! or maybe that special Auntie Flo is going to visit soon and I get such bad sweets cravings when she comes.  Or MAYBE I've just been slacking and not wanting to take responsibility for it, either way...I have 3 pounds to lose next week or I owe $20!  Nothing like a little pressure :)

This paragraph is going to sound really strange after the one I just!  I was a work this week when I was asked by someone asked me how I'd lost all of my weight, because, you know, they'd like to lose some weight too.  When people tell me this I get really excited because I love sharing and helping people begin a journey to a better them.  So I say that my sister and friend and I made a bet.  (usually they are intrigued) and I explain how we started with the exercise bet (10 weeks 4X a week or you owe $100).  They are usually nodding and thinking about what they wouldn't want to give $100 bucks to and then I talk about the Diet Pact ($10 buy in and $20 bucks into the pot if you don't make your preplanned weight loss).  Again there will be lots of nodding.  Then they always ask, 'what did you *DO*  to lose the weight?'(like I have a magic pill or something {Gods, wouldn't it be easier if there was a magic pill?}) and I see it coming once the first syllable leaves my lips, "I did Atkins," now they grimace and don't even hear "but my sister did Weight Watchers" They always say, oh I could never give up bread/pasta/potatoes/fill in misc carb!  Obviously they've missed the whole point! Find a diet that you can do and do it with a friend! Plan out your exercise!

I love our little diet pact, I love our exercise bet!  I love doing Atkins! I have never felt bummed I couldn't eat bread/pasta/potatoes/fill in misc carb!  I liked Weight Watchers when I did it years ago...I just like Atkins better.  When I tell my sister this story she says, "Rachel, they aren't ready yet."  Holly says, "Rachel, you are putting on your superman cape and trying to save them all and sometimes they have to save themselves!"  My inevitable response is, "I know but...." sigh. "ok."

Maybe I should practice in the mirror:

Curious Person: I heard that you lost a lot of weight, how did you do it?
Me shrug, "Exercise and watching what I eat."   
Curious Person then what?
Me, "Exercise and watching what I eat." 
Curious person: really that's all?!?!
Me shrug, "Exercise and watching what I eat."

I'm not sure this'll work, as I am not good at keeping secrets or things I am passionate about close to the vest.


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  2. Good luck with the diet! If you need any advice, check out my blog. I have my bachelor's degree in dietetics.

    I just found your blog via one of the blog hops! Have a wonderful weekend.

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