Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MIA until the 7th

I'm going to maintain or try to maintain for the next two weeks.  I am going to my parents and a family lots of temptations.

32 pounds in 17 weeks

WOooHOooo! Look what we can do!  I've lost 32 pounds in 17 weeks, Gretchen has lost 20 pounds in 17 weeks! Amazing!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Mini Challenge Begins!

First the good news: I made my 2 week goal right on the money on Monday morning.  For the past....3 (?) weeks or longer...I have had a difficult time with my first grade students and the diet has been on the back burner.  (Some of them need a lot from me emotionally and when I'm emotionally drained I fill that empty hole with food.) I haven't slid in the sense of break out the beer and cookies.  I ave still been eating low carb, there are a lot of ways to go overboard on LC.  Sugar Free candy is what stalls me when I'm dieting and when I feel lousy something sweet is!  Back in February, I had given my hubby some treats and gave him strict instructions to hide it from me and I was only allowed to have one piece on the weekends.  I felt I could handle having easier access to sweets and I did very well, until about 3 or 4 weeks ago.  Maybe I need to go back to hubby having the treats and only on the weekends, food for thought.

I have been feeling very down about my weight as it totally stalled for 12 days due to my stress eating (yes you can stress eat low carb, nuts, nuts and sugar free candy).  So, in an effort to kick start my summer motivation, I had been kicking around the idea of a mini goal or a challenge for myself and those who were on the Diet Pact with me.  (they love my experiments! don't you!) My original idea was to try for 1.5 pounds a week, which would be 18 pounds over the summer.  This would put me past a number that has plagued me for YEARS! 

Via phone calls and over dinner, I talked with my sisters and Holly about what we would do for a mini challenge for the summer.  Three options arose:
1) lose 1.5 pounds
2) run a mile with out having to stop or slow down
3) try one new vegetable every week for five weeks

Immediately the 1.5 was thrown off the table because we all felt 1 pound a week was enough and we are trying not to crash diet but to make changes that last us through the long haul.  Then, my sisters each groaned at the idea of a new veggie proposal.  Holly and I groaned at the one mile challenge.  If you have never been to Maryland (or the south) for the summer then you would totally understand.  Wet heat....bad... Maryland is extremely humid.  You start sweating at 6 in the morning and never experience the evaporation cool that you would in dry heat areas, plus I grew up in the desert so this is not my cup of tea.  

A final verdict was reached and so in 5 weeks we should all be able to run a mile without stopping in the GYM if necessary! :) Although, I gotta laugh that the veggie one was shot down.  When my sisters and I were little, we ate canned green beans a lot...I mean a lot.  Gretchen and I love them.  That was the staple vegetable in our lives, because my mom hated certain vegetables and my dad hated certain vegetables and one of the only ones that they could agree that they both would eat were....canned green beans.  When Joe and I were first married he got frustrated with my lack of "veggie exposure" and I can distinctly remember him standing in the commissary and saying, "Pick a vegetable, ANY vegetable you haven't tried before and we'll figure out a way to cook it so it tastes good!" I may have to call in the Cavalry and ask Gretchen's hubby to help her with some "veggie exposure."

I haven't decided whether I want to push myself to 1.5 pounds a week.  I think it is attainable, but I am going on two trips this summer.  I will probably do the 5 vegetable challenge as I have a lovely CSA and have already tried roasting beets (deelish), beet greens (deelish) and now swiss chard (ok, I need a better recipe). 

Week 16 done of the Diet Pact, 24 more to go!
week 7 done on the 2nd Exercise bet, 3 more to go!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

100 days of the Diet Pact

Well, we have entered the 14th week, and passed the 100th day! I have lost to date 26 pounds.  I have 7 days left of students and I will post more soon.  I just have had no brain cells to rub together.  AS far as I know, Holly and Gretchen have also made their two week bets.  I'm not sure about Elizabeth or Sonali.