Monday, March 17, 2014

I think I can do this

The beginning of this year has been difficult for me for many reasons, but I'm coming out of the end of it and ready to start again.

On the running front I am up to week 3 of my 5K trainer and still going strong.

Goals for this week:
Watch my calorie intake
Run two more times
Get in at least one round of weight training.

Find something positive to think about at least once a day.

I told myself the month of March was going to be the Month of Hope and being halfway though it now I can see it is and it will be even better tomorrow, despite the snow.

Oh! and to take Vitamin D hoping to stave off the seasonal sadness.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


This week's homework is to make "A PLAN."  So, what is my plan? what am I going to do differently this time? What works for me? What doesn't? I think I'm going to need a three pronged attack .. or three pronged strategy.  Exercise....Eating....Stress Management.  The first two I have a plan for...the third one is where I need to focus my mental knife.

My hubs has changed offices and so now he has to be at his desk by 6:45 in the am. Not only that but he will probably end up doing shift work as well, which means nights and mid afternoon to the early AM hours.  I used to plan my running (when it wasn't so freezing) on his non-early mornings.  So, here's the plan for January:

1. Walk/Run at least one mile a day on the treadmill or outside.  (Which I have managed to do up until my trip to the podiatrist.  At this point I am only one mile behind.  So, if I do 2 miles today I'll be caught up.)  

2. Two to three times a week I will get in some strength training.  I would commit to more than two but this week sucked my will to live, so I will get in at least 2.  I have a feeling that they might be on Saturday and Sunday....not the best plan but it is better than nothing.

3. I really want WILL get in at least 2 to 3 Zombie 5K trainer missions.  April starts the new 5K season and I want to nail them this year!

I would most definitely like to exercise in the morning rather than in the evening.  When I exercise after the boys have gone to bed I am WIDE awake for hours.  To that end, I will have to make the commitment to going to bed early.  Which I have done before, when the boys were very little (newborn and 3 year old) the hubs was stationed overseas and *it* *was* *just* *me* + a full time job.  I made up my mind that I had to go to bed at 8:30.  Otherwise I was no good for my children or my students.  So, I am committing to getting up early to get my running/walking done.  Strength training doesn't seem to make me unable to sleep, but I'll have to experiment with that one. 

Today, starts my 2 week induction on Atkins.  I love low carb.  I have been doing low carb for at least 3 years.  Now that doesn't mean I haven't fallen off the wagon several times, but I always feel better when I am eating real food...not plastic-y fake food (yes weight watcher meals...I'm looking at you!)

Breakfast - 2 pouched eggs + 2 lean sausages
Lunch - cup of green vegetables + protein
Snack - string cheese or a handful of nuts
Dinner - 2 cups of veggies + protein

I am going to do my best to avoid sugar free candy.  When I eat it, I stall in my weight loss.  There....I said it...I can't eat it often.  Sometimes...but not a lot.  I also know that when I am tempted to eat it, it is a sign that I am under stress that I am not acknowledging. 

Sleep - I have a bad coping mechanism for dealing with stress and that is eating or staying up really late.  It makes the situation worse because then I have less sleep and less patience, less rational thought, and less ability to deal with the daily stress and yet I will continue the ugly circle by staying up late and eating the next night.  

Food - The teacher's lounge is a horrible place for food that I can not eat.  I will admit I am guilty of sending things that I can not eat to work with my his office can get fat and not me.  So I am sure that others are thinking the same thing.  "If I put it in the teacher's lounge it will be gone by the time I get to lunch." So if it is not on The PLAN, it is a NO! At home it isn't that bad, because we don't have that stuff around, or if we do the hubs knows and keeps it hidden from me. 

A Sponsor - I will work on recognizing the itchy feeling that leads to ice cream (sugar free or otherwise) and call someone.  If that isn't available, I'm sure I can talk Liam into taking the dog for a walk.  Twenty minutes of walking usually get rid of the itchy 'gotta eat something to feel better' feeling.

It feels good to lay out "The Plan" I will do...there is no try...I will do this here.  :)