Friday, July 15, 2011

Iron Man Challenge

Someone blogged about doing an Iron Man challenge at the Gym a loooooooooooong time ago and I kept this little idea in the back of my mind with the goal of finishing it while I was on summer break.  I had high hopes for my daily abilities and then reality came crashing in.  My original goal had been to do 3-5 miles on the tread and then10 on the bike until I could get the marathon out of the way and then focus on the swimming.  I had PLANNED on starting the first week of summer...and just started yesterday.  So here are my running tallies:

Run/Walk: 1.77 miles (24.43 miles to go)
Bike: 6.26 miles (105.74 miles to go)
Swim: 0 (90 laps to go)

Run/Walk 1.66 miles (22.77 miles to go)
Bike: 5.91 miles (99.83 left to go)
Swim: 0 (90 laps to go)

Boy-O is this going to take a while! I have .... wait I am NOT going to calculate how many days left of summer I have left! I don't wanna know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!