Sunday, October 31, 2010

motivation lagging....

This week has been a big drain on my diet motivation.  Sunday & Monday I ended up fasting for a colonoscopy and then could NOT get myself back on the road to dieting.  sigh.  I remember last time I lost a bunch of weight and was fitting into clothing and feeling really good, I stopped dieting like this and then watched the weight creep back up (partly due to making baby stress, but the weight still crept back on).  I am ten pounds away from being "overweight" instead of "obese" and would love to get there, I am just lacking in motivation.

My sister and I talked about the next weight bet we make needs to be much smaller as 40 weeks is a LONG time, let me check how many weeks we have left...we have ::gasp:: 3 weeks left!  Crud! only 3 weeks left, this is like stumbling at the last 100 yards in a marathon!  pull it together girl! 

Ok, so my goals are then:
1. pull yourself together, you are almost at the end!
2. exercise, you'll feel better and more motivated to do what you need to do!
3. watch what you eat, you know what you are doing when you eat those mini snickers bars girl!
4. you can do it, you only have 3 weeks left, 21 days!
5. maybe start again on Monday and give yourself a last day of sissy-la-la-ness!

3 weeks, good god girl you can do it! you can do it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I did it!

Yep, I am 50 pounds lighter than when I started 7 months ago! and sick as a dog!  Fifty pounds is such a big number, I remember thinking when we started this bet that I would be so happy to be 40 pounds lighter and I've surpassed myself!  I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and the reoccurring them seems to be victories not related to the scale.  So, I've been wracking my brain thinking of all of the little things that I am proud of that don't relate to numbers on the scale.

  1. I fit comfortably into the middle seat on an airplane
  2. I have a full length mirror in my house and use it often!
  3. I can sit between my children in the back seat of my husband's car
  4. I can fit into a size 14 (still a little tight)
  5. My size 16s are loose and baggy by the end of the day
  6. My plantar faciitus is gone!
  7. I know when I'm hungry and when I'm just jonesing for something
  8. I can say no to something I don't want to eat without feeling social guilt
  9. I have a plan for the future
10. Shopping is enjoyable rather than an ugly chore