Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last week

So, I made none of my goals... I was horribly sick.  It wasn't until today that I started to feel human again. So, new week new goals: exercise 3X lose a pound !

Monday, January 21, 2013

NSV - Non Scale Victory

I've had a couple of NSV's (non-scale victories) the first is I have had a couple people whom I don't work with anymore say that I have lost a lot, which has always been hard for me to take as a compliment.  So, I made sure to say thank you! and it has been hard for me to actually see the changes.

The second NSV is a little stranger.  I am a side sleeper, and I have never had an issue with my knees banging against each other when I sleep, until now.  Apparently, I inherited my father's bony knees! The ... achy-ness of having knee bones rub against knee bones has actually woken me up.  So, I have lost enough "padding" in my knee area!

The last NSV is my pajamas.  I have been since I was a teenager a semi-clad sleeper.  The least amount of clothing possible sleeper.  I hated the feeling of t-shirts and pajamas riding up because I would wake up with the craziest strangler dreams that I would just forgo shirts and what not.  Then when I had the boys and was breast feeding, I needed to wear something to hold in all the "gear" that went with breast feeding at night.  After that I enjoyed sleeping in yoga pants and a tank with some "support."  Now, I am having a return of the strangler sensation and have ditched the sleeping paraphernalia again.  So, perhaps it is time to get some new pajamas! :)

Last one, I swear, I got out of bed and my hubby says, "What is wrong with your underwear?" I looked and they were not fitting along with the pajamas...underwear, too!  

That's the end of my slightly embarrassing NSV's :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pact Thus Far

Well, everyone made their Oct 8th pound-age loss for the quarter.  We all made the Jan 31st quarter....most of us by the skin of our teeth...and I mean the skin of our teeth.  For me I had been 2 pounds under for the 3 days prior and 3 pounds under my goal the 4th day before.  Then the day of January 31st I was up to the EXACT number I had to be was very ... cr@ppy in my opinion.  I gave myself a couple days off and then got back onto the scale....and realized I would have to lose 4 additional pounds...yes I went up 4 pounds on my 2 day Carb-fest... you'd think I would learn or not get so disgusted with myself and / or the scale. ... sigh.

For Christmas the boys got a puppy and I can not tell you how much STRESS that puts on me... It is almost worse than an other child or an infant.  At least infants have DIAPERS and will NAP!  On of us, Joe or I always have to be with the dog, he gets excited and piddles...a lot...a whole heck of a lot.  My sister keeps telling me that it will get better...good gods I hope so.

Our next check in is March 25th and I have been doing really well these past 3 weeks.  I lost the 4 pounds from the Carb-Fest, Plus the mysterious 2 pounds (I think those 6 pounds were hormone related...Eve's bite of the apple is the gift that keeps on giving ::joking::) plus 2 more pounds.  I am 1 pound away from the 5 I need to lose for the March 25th weigh-in.

I will be honest, I am having the hardest time getting myself to exercise.  I am just not getting it done.  I know that the more I don't exercise the less interest I have in exercising.  grr....

Ok, so let me make a goal.  I want to exercise 3 times this week.  Let me start there.  Just 3 times.  3 is more than 0.