Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year - New bet part 2A

Grr - Silly Calendars that start with MONDAY instead of SUNDAY!

Baseline - Jan 4th - 17th
Official Kick Off - Jan 18th - Jan 31st
Wii renewal - Jan 11th - Mar 21st

New year - New bet part 2

We are starting a new bet for the wii & a separate bet for weight and here are the guide lines:

Baseline weight bet: Jan 5 - Jan 18 (2 weeks) to see if a) we are comfortable committing to this bet and seeing how much we are willing to try and loose.

Official Start date of Bet: Jan 19th - with some sort of conference call to cement goals.

10 week wii bet - to begin on Jan 12th - March 22nd and our individual goal is to commit to 4x a week exercising AT LEAST 20 minutes. Any extra days are 'banked' for future injuries or problems.

New year - New bet

After taking a 3 week break from Wii'ing 5 days a week, I started a new bet. Wii'ing 3 days a week. I can definitely see that the weight loss is stabilized only doing 3 days a week. BUT I am still exercising AND almost done. The 10th of Jan will be the last week of my 2nd ten week bet. Hmmm, if I could only think of a bet that would motivate me to loose weight!