Monday, January 21, 2013

NSV - Non Scale Victory

I've had a couple of NSV's (non-scale victories) the first is I have had a couple people whom I don't work with anymore say that I have lost a lot, which has always been hard for me to take as a compliment.  So, I made sure to say thank you! and it has been hard for me to actually see the changes.

The second NSV is a little stranger.  I am a side sleeper, and I have never had an issue with my knees banging against each other when I sleep, until now.  Apparently, I inherited my father's bony knees! The ... achy-ness of having knee bones rub against knee bones has actually woken me up.  So, I have lost enough "padding" in my knee area!

The last NSV is my pajamas.  I have been since I was a teenager a semi-clad sleeper.  The least amount of clothing possible sleeper.  I hated the feeling of t-shirts and pajamas riding up because I would wake up with the craziest strangler dreams that I would just forgo shirts and what not.  Then when I had the boys and was breast feeding, I needed to wear something to hold in all the "gear" that went with breast feeding at night.  After that I enjoyed sleeping in yoga pants and a tank with some "support."  Now, I am having a return of the strangler sensation and have ditched the sleeping paraphernalia again.  So, perhaps it is time to get some new pajamas! :)

Last one, I swear, I got out of bed and my hubby says, "What is wrong with your underwear?" I looked and they were not fitting along with the pajamas...underwear, too!  

That's the end of my slightly embarrassing NSV's :)

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