Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 3 of pact

Good news first: NONE of us have to have a $50 buy in, which means we were all able to keep it under 3 pounds since the beginning of November! Back in November when we ended our first bet we said that we could have the rest of Nov and Dec off because we had to be in reality and we have to learn how to survive holidays without dieting and just focus on maintaining.  So in order to keep ourselves honest we said that when we started our new bet on the 10th of Jan that we had to be under 3 pounds from where we were that day.  Yay us, for me that doesn't mean I didn't poke that 3 pound ceiling with my pinky and almost go over because I did...I was sweating that I would owe $50.  In the end I was .6 pounds under what I was the day of the end of our bet!

Now for the eh news...I started Atkins again on Saturday (halfheartedly) and fully on Monday and I am still having cravings for something sweet.  I am trying REALLY hard to determine if I am truly hungry or if I am just craving sugar because I am eating none or am I stressed and want something soothing, (which for me has always been sweets, hense the need for a diet pact...sigh, the vicious cycles we put ourselves through).

The Exercise news - I started PX90 or P90X (what ever it is) and LOVE it.  I totally modify the knee stuff and yup I still hate the yoga because Tom Horton loves those upwards and downwards dogs with a flying knee lift swing through to warrior.  But I still love it and start to get that itchy wanna exercise with the dorky Tom Horton feeling!  I really like the little worksheets he made up! (Why didn't I think of that for the Beach Body Series?) Why do I like Tom Horton instead of Jillian Micheals and her 30 day shred? Well he MODIFIES everything! he gives you a basic way to do an exercise a moderate way to do the exercise and then the hard core way! and he is big on "If you can't do it, hit the pause button, take a quick break, we'll be here when you are ready again!" I love that! instead of "there are no modifications for jumping jacks...I have 400 pound people doing CAN you" blah blah blah Jillian! The other reason I love the Beach Body stuff is that when it is a weight lifting day, I can do the exercises and watch Criminal Minds or what ever I have TIVO'd because I have the worksheets or routine he does!  LOVE IT! 

I was going to try and get up and exercise before I went to school (I used to do this years and years ago, BC = before children) and convinced my husband to set the alarm for 5.  Have I exercised yet at 5? NO! have I woken him and myself up at 5 every morning with the alarm clock? YES! After I had...wait...even before Joseph was born, when I was still pregnant with him I became a very light sleeper bordering on an insomniac and so I do not get a full 7 or 8 hours of sleep ever, EVER! so unless I want to give up my one hour of mommy time after the kids go to bed at 8, then I guess I am not going to be a morning exerciser....sigh.  Something to look forward to when they are both in grade school. :)


  1. Jillian is a biatch! Tony on the other hand is slightly annoying. I cant win with either DVD but I do both.

  2. Yup he's a dork...but I can handle that! :)