Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a new year and a new diet pact!

10 Days and counting til we start.

Why the 10 days? Because I hate new years resolutions that start on the 1st, I always feel like I've set myself up for failure when I have been a total pig from the 24th through the 31st. So, I need a week of back to somewhat normal before I dive into a bet.  So the new and improved (hee hee) diet pact will start on the 10th of January.  Here are the rules:

Diet Pact - 10 weeks on 1 week of rest for a total of 3 sessions
  1. If we gained past the 3 pounds we gave ourselves our buy in is $50 if not it is $10 (I'm hoping I don't owe 50!)
  2. Each 2 week interval we will set a goal for ourselves weight loss wise, it is what you personally think you can loose.  Some 2 week I intervals I choose a pound a week if it is a difficult time temptation wise (big birthday coming up or a big project is due) I usually say a half a pound a week because life does have to go on around you.
  3. If goal is not achieved then $20 is put into the pot to be divided up at the end of the 32 weeks
  4. 5K to be run at the Sweet Pea Festival in Montana in August as a celebration of the end of our pact.
  • Session 1 - January 10th - March 20th 
  • Week of rest - March 21th - March 27th (hmm, some sort of limit of weight gain might have to be imposed, we will see how we feel when we get to the end of March)
  • Session 2 - March 28th - June 5th
  • Week of rest - June 6th - June 12th
  • Session 3 - June 13th - August 21st

Exercise Bet - to coincide with Diet Pact - 10 weeks on with 1 week of rest for 3 sessions
  1. Each person determines the number of times they will exercise in a given week, mine is usually 4X a week.
  2. If you fail to exercise that many times you have to donate 100 dollars to a something you despise.   Mine would be someone's reelection fund.  Yours might be buy into a dating service or purchasing a nice leather jacket with someone's sports team that you despise and giving it to them.  It is all about finding something that motivates you not to give in to the couch potato in us all!


  1. There is no way I would be donating $100 to something I hate. Id be at the gym every day!!

  2. EXACTLY! and you don't have to go every day, just what you bet you can do, for me it will be 4 times a week