Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ok that was weird!

I had the strangest dream this morning...

I had stolen a bunch of my cousin's clothing, was wearing pants that were too tight and I had on two purple boots each one from a different set of shoes.  I woke up while my dream self was pulling apart the house looking for the matching set to at least one set of shoes so I could go to work with the nagging feeling I had given half of two sets of boots to the good will.

Now, jokes about purple Prince boots aside here is what my brain was trying to tell me, I think:
A) Stealing cousin's clothing - um, not sure other than she lost a huge amount of weight 6 years ago and has kept it off so my mind's way of setting a goal for myself?
B) pants not fitting - I am so slacking on my diet and thus feeling very guilty odviously
C) mismatched purple boots - my minds way of torturing me ;)  I would love to purchase boots, the current trend of boots I would so love to jump on board and buy a pair.  Unfortunately, my feet are different sizes and so I have to try EVERY pair of shoes on I can't just order 'em from the net...sigh.

My sis is having reoccurring dreams about falling out of a helicopter with no parachute so I should count myself lucky for the prince boots and the camel toe!

After a lot of thought and discussion with my sister, I've decided that I do need to give myself the month of December off of my diet and that by the time Jan 10 rolls around I will be MORE than ready to start another diet pact!  Eventually, I will have to live without being on a diet so now is as good as a time as any to see if I can keep myself in a range of 5 pounds and not loose my sanity (not including the dream). 

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  1. Everyone has to make those tough decisions for themselves. Only you know what is best for you. Enjoy the Christmas season, and I'll look forward to seeing your renewed vigor in January! Let's make 2011 "The" year!