Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 32 down, 8 more to go

The good news first:

I don't owe $20 to the was touch and go there for a while.  My goal had been this week to drop below 195 so I would have lost 50 pounds total since Feb this year.  So I upped my exercise & my intensity and cut out all snacks.  In 4 days I gained 3 pounds and was quite irritated!  I *think* I put on extra muscle because when I didn't exercise for 2 days I lost that 3 pounds quite quickly.  Who knows!

I was able to run walk a mile this morning.  50 pounds ago it hurt to run to the end of the driveway.  50 pounds ago I had a hard time "racing" with Joseph.  The last month or so, I noticed when I would "race" with him I didn't hurt! So this morning I decided to run the one mile "course" I have made for myself around my neighborhood.  I was able to run it mostly and didn't feel the aching pain in my knees or back! I was quite proud of myself.  I timed myself too, before I was able to get the mile done in about 22-23 minutes today I got it done in 15! sweet!

Today was the last day of my 5th 10 week exercise bet.  Gretchen I were laughing the other day because we didn't know which week we were on, believe me when I say I used to know intimately which day / week we were on and how many days/ weeks we had left (I would even calculate how many minutes that was total {yes, I am that math nerdy!}).  To be at the point where it has become habit is quite amazing to me!

Bad news: So I didn't make the 50 pound mark but I am 1.3 pounds away from it, so maybe next week? but my totals are 49 pounds so far and if we count my heaviest (when I was pregnant with Liam) I am down 80 pounds! cha-ching!

Oh, I was reading a recent blog where the lady is doing a program where you reset your metabolism and she didn't loose any weight but did loose inches.  Holly and I had started The Shred (No, Jillian not everyone can do Jumping Jacks! I don't care that you have 400 pound people doing it! :P~~) and we measured ourselves so I decided to remeasure myself and here are my numbers, since July 19th:

Neck: -1/2 inch
Bust: -1 inch
Waist: -2 inches
Hips: -1 and a half inch
Thigh: -1 and a half inch
Arm: -1/2 inch
Total: lost 7 inches!

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