The Beginning of the Diet Pact

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Beginning

It all began at a friend's house where, as a laugh, we all played with the wii fit. It was a lot of fun. Later, I began to think about getting my own wii. Now it is an investment since my spouse already has a play station. Do we really need another game console? After several weeks of ruminating about the wii I decided to get one and I use that thing every darn day for almost two weeks.

Then I decided to bet this same friend $100 that I could wii fit 5 times a week for 10 weeks. Even when if I get sick? Yes, even if I get sick. Even if the kids (of which we both have two) get sick and the pets are all sick. Yes, even then. Alright the bet was made. As of today I am half way through the bet and I decided after searching for current wii fit blogs to create my own.

Here are the stats thus far:

week 1
BMI = 39.41
Weight = 251.1

Week 2
BMI = 38.82
Weight = 247.1
Difference = -4.0

Week 3 (official start of the bet)
BMI = 38.69
Weight = 246.5
Difference = -4.6

Week 4
BMI = 38.62
Weight = 246.0
Difference = -5.1

Week 5
BMI = 38.86
Weight = 247.6
Difference = -3.5

Week 6
BMI = 38.48
Weight = 245.2
Difference = -5.9

Week 7
BMI = 38.24
Weight = 243.6
Difference = -7.5

5 weeks to go!

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