Thursday, November 11, 2010

#12 Office Parties & #11 Non Food rewards

#12 Office Parties
I'm a teacher and teachers like to have lots of food lying around.  We usually have quarterly breakfasts, Holiday luncheons, monthly birthday celebrations, and some of us will just bake and then bring by batches of cookies and what not and leave them in the lounge.  Very difficult when you are dieting!  So, I had two plans of attack.  Before a birthday celebration I would say to myself, "it's not worth eating that because when I step on the scale I don't want to fret!" or "its not going to taste as good as skinny will feel!"  This worked!  My second plan was to always sign up for the luncheons that way I knew that I would have SOMETHING to eat!  I usually signed up for the veggie tray because that way I could fill up on veggies.  If it was a breakfast, I made an egg dish.  It was too difficult, for me, to just opt out of the luncheons, I don't know why.  So, I would just make sure I made something I could eat.

#11 Non Food rewards
In my family, food is a reward.  Oh, you accomplished X,Y or Z let's go out to eat.  When I was a kid, you got a good report card, let's get a sundae.  I know that this is an oldy but I finally think I learned this lesson.  When I lost %10 of my body weight, I went and had a really nice pedicure and my eyebrows done.  When I broke through through the 200's I decided I was going to pay someone (FOREVER) to get rid of my grey hair and have a nice hair cut with it!  So I had better stay under 200 for the rest of my life!  :)  When I break through 183 and finally reach the "overweight" stage versus the "obese" stage, I think I'll get some nice (real) leather boots!  When I break through the 159 which would put me into the NORMAL range, I am going to go out and buy some expensive jeans.  I could never figure out why people would spend over 40 bucks on a pair of jeans!  So, I figure I am going to go try them on and see what all the fuss is about!  I was thinking maybe a 100 dollar pair of jeans (see even when I reward myself I get a little cheap because I see a lot of 400 dollar jeans {egads people spend your money elsewhere!})

Oh, and my last thought of the morning, last night I was walking around in my work out clothes after working out and I kept stepping on the hem of my workout pants.  I was getting irritated and then I realized my thighs have shrunk and so my pants are longer.  Irritation....totally disappeared! heheheh!

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