Friday, November 5, 2010

15 days - 3 groups of 5

Yesterday, I meant to post...and then didn't get around to it.  So, now onto today:

Breakfast - boys wanted eggs so I scrambled up a bunch and we had a lovely breakfast
Lunch - smooth as pie, because I packed it the night before
Snack - almonds while waiting for oven to heat up and chatting on the phone...woops how many did I eat, I need to remember not to eat, chat and cook...too many calories I am sure
Dinner - half veggies and 4 spicy wings not to shabby
Exercise - nope too pooped after today, I had the best of intentions and packed a work out bag too

scale - looks like Monday...sigh.  Onward and Downward!

I have been thinking of the top ten things the three of us have learned during these 40 weeks and I will post that soon.

My plan for the weekend: no grocery shopping while hungry and no cooking and chatting and snacking! :)  Oh! and a work out as well :)

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