Tuesday, November 2, 2010

19 more wake ups!

This is the way the describe it in the military, because you have so many people on different shifts, so I have 19 more wake ups on our diet pact.

Breakfast - excellent
Lunch - ate too much but still remained true to diet guide lines
Dinner - ate a small dinner to compensate for bigger lunch
No exercise today because I ran a bunch of errands (voting being one of them)
Scale - is my friend today! :)

looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. Wonderful!! Do that 19 more times, and you'll be the one to watch! xx

  2. 19 more wake ups!!! Yeah!

    I vowed to not eat candy today and failed. Tomorrow I'm going to have to have Warren hide it!

    I did well at all of my meals. We'll see how the candy affects the scale.