Friday, June 15, 2012

Progress on Week 1 of new bet

Well, right after I wrote that last blog I slipped in the rain and wrenched my toes.  I thought I had broken them, they were THAT bruised, but after I had them X-rayed they were fine only sprained.  Thank goodness, as for what my bet eventually will be I haven't figured that out other than I am taking this week to get back on track with my eating low carb and resting my foot as much as possible so that I can walk the 5K. I signed up for it a long time ago (actually I signed up for the whole season and have missed the first 2 for various reasons) and the doc said I could do it if I WALKED it absolutely no RUNNING!

Oh and I am down 4 pounds since starting Atkins on Monday....and I feel so much better with out the sugar swings!

My goal today is to figure out what I can do reasonably this summer and set up guide lines for myself.  I need guide lines because the boys and I are going to Montana for a month and historically I last 3 days with my family before I fall off the diet band wagon and I can NOT afford to spend four weeks with them off diet.  I have a plan.... and now I am just going to need my husband to text me daily and remind me of that :)

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