The Beginning of the Diet Pact

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 3

In the past my down fall has been on the dreaded Day 3 of vacation, I am halfway through the day and feeling pretty good. :)

I think that meal planning has really helped and asking my dad to move all of his candy out of the way has been a big help.  I also thing that starting to do some Cross Fit exercises every day have been good for me as well.  I got my sister involved with CrossFit so that was extremely helpful as well.  Here is what we have done the past 3 days:

Day 1 (Base line)

3 sets of 50 seconds for each exercise with a 10 second rest; total workout 12 minutes

As many of each type of exercise as you can do in the 50 seconds being mindful of form.

Push Ups (However you can do them girly or otherwise)
Dips (we tried the chair dips the first round and then modified them)
Abs (crunches

Day 2 = 3 sets of 50 seconds and 10 rest; total workout 12 minutes

Push ups
Touch downs (kind of a slide where you touch your foot or ankle and then skip over to the other ankle...hard to explain )

Day 3 = 3 sets of 50 seconds and 10 rest; total workout 15 minutes

Plank (yoga move)
high knees (hold your hands straight out at the waist and bump your palm with your knee)

Tomorrow is a rest day and boy do we need it, I am very sore but it is that stretchy-you-know-you-have-worked-out kind of feeling.

And I am officially down a pound since I got here! yay me!

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