Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I think I'm ready to start again :)

OK, it has been a loooong time since I posted...wait lemme check....yup it's almost been a year.  yikes.  Well, there have been a slew of issues I've had to tackle and I think I'm at a place where I can try again.  Here's what the  past year has wrought:

#1 I had a very rough year with an administrator who very much disliked what I had to say...especially when it was the truth (or a more realistic version of the truth in my every humble opinion).  So, I agreed to be excessed (moved to another school) I found a position as a 5th grade teacher where as I was teaching 1st with her.

#2 My dad had major heart surgery to fix a dissecting aorta ... a fatal issue if not treated.

#3 My dad's recovery was filled with what the doctors believed were mini strokes... which turned out to be mini seizures and now he feels much much better but he will have painful irregular beats which can be brought on by heat and stress

#4 My son started Kindergarten and I had a sitter lined up for him and then it fell through within the first month of school and I had to scramble to find an alternative

#5 Then there was teaching 5th grade and I remembered why I moved back down to the primary grades (I had taught 5th grade for many years before my children were born.)  My problem, and it is all mine, is that I care too much.  I take it very personally when kids do not do well on high stakes tests (and my county likes to test up the ying yang)  I can teach the curriculum with my eyes closed but I take it too personally.

#6 then there was my actual students I had about 5 "lovelies" that made teaching the other 24 of them difficult and then halfway through the year I got another "lovely" that upset the pecking order.  At times I felt like a I was holding down a lid on a boiling pot of water, most of the time I could keep the boiling water from overflowing but more than I would have liked it boiled over.... not a good time to diet....not at all....sigh.

After graduation of my lovelies...I packed up one classroom and moved it to another because I had a heartfelt conversation with my new principal and told her I need to move to a primary position (first or second).

So, next year I will be a second grade teacher :) and now I am going to put myself on a summer challenge of weight loss!

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