Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goals for the next Month

I am going to my parents for a month and I have to set goals.  I tend to last 3 days, and only 3 days, on any kind of diet, while I am there.  I slip into old patterns of eating and sweets when confronted with stressers that only family can bring on.  So, my goal is to last more than 3 days because I can't afford to eat my way through the next month with my family.  My other goal is to do something active every day while I'm there.  I have finally figured out how to use Amazon Cloud so I've got some music to walk / jog (?) to and I am excited about that.  How I plan on keeping LC is to meal plan with my mom, she is a fabulous cook and cooks her way through stress.  She also plans very large meals when we are around (think Thanksgiving dinner) and I really can not afford to eat that way while there.  We will see how things go! :)

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