Sunday, August 1, 2010

A personal Goal is achieved!

There is now a full length mirror hanging in my house!  For the longest time I refused to have a full length mirror due to wanting to remain blissfully ignorant.  Even after my sister had mentioned it might be a good idea for Joseph and Liam to be able to see themselves.  (Joseph was convinced he had green eyes for the longest time because he spent maybe 3 seconds looking in the mirror when we pulled him out of the tub.)  Nope, even then I didn't get one, in fact I refused to have one in the house.  As a result if I wanted to see how my outfit looked on my body (because usually I just bought stuff and then took it home and tried it on) I would have to precariously perch on the lip of the tub to see into our bathroom mirror.  When Joe found out about that little trick of mine he was not to happy with me... woops. 

Now...we have one....I can close the door to our bedroom and see my whole body, for better (hopefully) or worse (hopefully not!). 


  1. down another 0.1 I hope I'm not on a plateau

  2. Congratulations on the new addition to your home!! :)

  3. Congratulations on meeting your new goal! I am right there cheering for you as I am constantly working on my weight and health. Hey, you will love to introduce yourself on my blog hop next friday where bloggers can link any post related to something fresh and new. You have a new goal, a new outlook and a new you! Perfect....join us next Friday and share your blog and your fresh new you and more of a new you in the future! Roz @ La Bella Vita.....following you from Java's Over 40 Follower Blog Hop today!

    oh I'm at "La Bella Vita"