Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week 24 coming to a close

and for the first time.......wait for it.....wait for it....I will not make my 2 pound weight bet. sigh.

Last week, I was on track lost my two pounds early, I started "the Shred" with Jillian Micheal.  Then this week, I had to travel for a conference and when I got back was hit by a big bout of "why am I doing this?"  In fact I texted my sister and called Holly with that same question.  
"Why are we doing this, can't we just be happy being fat?"

Holly's response was, "Because we weren't happy when we were fat!"

Gretchen's response, "Give yourself a break, we didn't start the bet thinking that we would never fail in a two week round."

My ALL OR NOTHING self said, "Yes, that was the plan to never ever fail, to always be perfect! perfect I say!"

So, when I gave myself a break and relaxed I got on the scale and weighed 3 pounds more than I weighed two days prior.  sigh.  boo.  Is there supposed to be a lesson here? hmmm

If you have never done the Shred, it is very knee intensive...a lot of squats.  My knees feel like broken Barbie knees...crunch crunch crunch. So, Ms. Micheal, I am going to 'phone it in' (what ever that means) and do a combination of shred and something else. :P

I got up this morning (Saturday) and am down one pound of the three gained, so basically...I am where I started.  I doubt that I will be able (nor should I) try and loose the two I had gained in 48 hours. 

What lesson am I supposed to learn from this? huh? bleck.

16 weeks to go! yippy hiss....Let's see how I feel tomorrow.

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  1. I was able to modify The Shred so that I can actually do it without a lot of knee issues. I'm still bummed about the 3 pound weight gain of which I am down now to -0.8 from where I started two weeks ago. Alrighty, I have 16 weeks left and I plan to work toward not loosing the two week challenge again.