Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Over half way done - Week 22 down 18 more to go!

Vacations and summer have me missing the mid way mark.  My brain is so on summer mode that I haven't been posting anything.  I made it even though my scale was out of sight out of mind.  Yay! Holly made it, Yay! Gretchen and Elizabeth will hopefully post soon (hint,hint).

So, as I have been fitting into clothing more, I have been noticing all things fashionable lately.  I have even purchased some fashion magazines and thumbed through them (although I don't think I'm sold on the Pocahontas look for fall!) Then, I've been actually looking at the types of clothing that I usually wear.  Everything is basically in the same hue range and 99% of it is solid colors.  So, to try and stretch myself I went shopping.  My thinking was: I need to stretch myself and wear something less.....tent like (?) and more structure...and goodness look for some kind of patterns!  So after 2 days of shopping...I bought...a dress and it is a solid black dress no patterns. Now it is strapless maxi dress (floor length) and I am very happy that it fits well.  Not sure I can EVER wear it to work unless I get some kind of shrug or find a half jacket.  But it is c-u-t-e!  Maybe if I find some kind of cute big belt (?) I don't know.  sigh.  I don't know why I have such an aversion to patterns...I guess I feel like I'll look like a table cloth or something.  bleck!  who knows!   The one thing that kept me very focused on what I was buying was because I have plans to lose about 40 - 50 more pounds (oops, I just checked 51 pounds to be considered in the "normal" range) and I don't want to buy anything that I don't absolutely LOVE or NEED seeing as I don't plan on wearing it long.  I think I need to change my mantra from "it won't taste as good as skinny feels" to "will that help you get to wearing those fashionable clothing you are drooling over?"  I think that it is time to allow a full length mirror into our house. 

Speaking of "normal" weight, the BMI calculator says that 159 for 5'7" is in "normal" but 160 is "overweight" and for 5'7" 120 is considered underweight and 121 is "normal."  *If* I got down to 120 - let alone 125 I think I would look emaciated! There would be no way for my body to maintain that kind of weight....unless I started living on diet pills and parsley!  So I'm going to say I will shoot for 160...screw the 1 pound difference between overweight and normal...I just don't want the OBESE demarcation!  I will be able to drop the O demarcation when I reach 183.  sigh....long road ahead....long road.

So, I'm doing horribly on my summer mini challenge to run a mile by the end.  But, I did start Jillian Micheal's 30 Shred.  Holly and I started yesterday and we measured all our parts (neck, waist, bust, and hips) and began.  I can say the first day I thought I was going to die!  Today I was MUCH better and able to do at least one of the 30 interval jumping jacks with arms, the other two I had to drop my arms to my waist.  28 days to go!  I think after the 30 Shred then I'll see how my running is doing. 

Monday was the start of my 5th 10 week exercise bet! I can hardly believe it!  This one will take me until we have less than ten weeks on the diet pact.  Oooooo....I can't believe we will be THAT close soon. 


  1. I didn't make it this week. We had two birthday parties.... I need to work on resisting the food table! So, I owe $70.00. I decided that I am going to give that money to the daycare now instead of the end of the bet. I can get a work match before I leave work. The school will get $140 instead of just $70.

    I'm starting over from here. I'm on a very strict budget, so I can't slack! I'm 8 pounds from my original goal. It's a little to close. I need to stay motivated. My goal puts me on the boarder between "Normal" and "Overweight." I'm going to get there and decide if I want to go further.

    I'm going to re-engage in the exercise. That makes a big difference.

    Ok, gotta go to bed. I'm tierd. Good luck everyone.

  2. Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted, sorry! I finished board exams, passed, finally looked at a scale, and cringed. I did make it this week, but of the weeks before... I owe another $60 to the bank. So I'm starting over from here. Both Sonali and I fell off the wagon during our studying but have been trying to climb back on.

    I'm living out of a dorm room right now on my surgery rotation. It was so awesome, today I helped to lop of a breast and part of a colon, fix two hernias and excise a cyst. After 12 hours on my feet I laid down in bed and took a six hour nap. Anywho, not great news when it comes to the bet but here goes the next round!

  3. that is the GREAT thing about this bet we can start from where we are!

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