Thursday, February 14, 2013

This Last Week

I made my goal of 4X of exercising and I lost .9 pounds.  However, this morning (Thursday) I was up 1.1....bleck.

This week I intend to lose ? and exercise 5 times this week.  I've already done it twice so I've got three more times to go.

I want to lose be a pound lower than I was at the end of this last week but I fell face first into some chocolate on Valentine's day.... and with that 1.1 up I will just do what I can to be reasonable the rest of the week.

OH! and for LENT I have given up snacking after I put the boys to bed.  I use that time to totally nosh out on food, not sure why.  I don't need it but I do it, so that is what this non-catholic is doing to give up a crutch and find something else to lean on.

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