Sunday, February 3, 2013

I made my long as I exercise today

I did manage to lose a pound ... or two.  I got so disgusted with myself I stopped putting my numbers into My Fitnes Pal so I'm not really sure.  I'll have to check my last blog, but I'm not sure I actually posted an actual number.  I can't tell, except that I know I was at 196 on January 20th.  Well, I am at 197.6 so bummer.  I know I was back up to 199 at some point in between Jan 20 and today.  I need to go back to tracking the damnable number on my calendar or in My Fitness Pal.  An unforeseen consequence of this bet and being on MFP (My Fitness Pal) with my sister and my father is that I only want to put my losses in the tracker, not the gains.

But I have exercised twice this week and if...woops...WHEN I exercise this week I'll have made my goal of 3X this week.

Next week's goals.  Lose a pound exercise at least 3X.  More if possible, but at a minimum it will be 3.

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