Sunday, April 18, 2010

week 8, 32 more to go!

Two months! two months! we've been doing this for ...two months! 8 weeks, 56 days, 1344 hours! (yes, the math gene goober rears its head!)

Two years ago, I failed miserably at a panel interview for a Reading Teacher position.  I decided this year I would go ahead and put myself through the panel interview again.  One of the reasons I decided to try again is I didn't want to look back 5-10 years down the road and wish I had given it another shot.  I hate the "what if" game.  So, I have my interview set up for next Tuesday, the 20th.  Gulp!  I have my 3x5 cards with the buzz words that stand for what I actually do in the classroom so that I can be more ar-ti-cu-late at my interview.  What does this have to do with the Cinderella Pact you ask? Once again I'll give you the long answer, because's my blog!

Rhonda Britten wrote a self help book called Fearless Living.  (Which I read part of...I know if you are going to get a self help book you might as well read the whole thing right? some day I'll finish it.)  In it she asks the question, "What or how would you live your life if you were fearless?" My own opinion is that fear stops us from doing things or sets up strange behaviors so that we don't live.  Case in point, I need a shirt for my interview, after 3 shops I wanted to dig into a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream for solace.  Joe, brave man that he is, talked me down of the tight rope of that harry situation.  Last month when it was time to start the process to be considered for the panel interview I drug my feet and got my paper work in THE VERY LAST day.  Once again, fear was holding me back.  When I finally realized that fear was holding me back I strapped on my big girl panties and got all of my stuff done.  Again, you might be asking what does this have to do with our CP?  Fear is often why I turn to food, I'm unsure, I'm stressed because I don't know all the outcomes, I'm afraid of loss, rejection, change, etc.  My goal this week is to confront one of those fears....the dreaded 5 person panel interview....and not loose myself in Ben & Jerry's. 

How is fear holding you back? And what would you do if you were fearless?

I did make my bet and I am 1.5 pounds away having lost 20 pounds total.  Next week I could definitely break the 20 pounds if I can keep from letting the interview get me down!


  1. This week I've discovered that letting go for my birthday was a slipper slope into several days of not eating well and not doing so well on my bet.

    For the successes, I started the "couch to 5K" training program with Rachel. I'm doing amazingly well. I ran for 60 sec. and walked for 90 sec. On my third try I made it all the way to Grandma Robyn's and back! I'll have to measure how long that is. I think it may be 1.5 miles... I'll get back to you on that. Regardless of the fact that I don't think I'll make the bet, I feel really good and really good about myself.

    I also encouraged Grandpa to get on a bicycle with us for the first time in 30 years. It was really fun. We took the dogs... they are not so good with bikes. They like to walk right in front. Not very bright.

    As far as fear goes, I would say that I have a fear of not getting enough to eat. What if I'm hungry? This feat creates very interesting other outcomes. This means that I order a ton of food when I don't need it. What if I just order something small and then order more if I need more? Is the kitchen going to disappear after my initial order is fulfilled?

    Rachel - I'm proud of you for trying again. I've been on the giving side of the panel interview. The best advice I can give you is to be yourself and relax. Even if you don't say the exact right thing, your confidence will be more powerful than having the right words. Good Luck!

    My goal for the next two weeks: Loose 2 pounds and exercise 4 times per week.

    For this week, unless I loose .5 pounds by tomorrow morning, I will owe the $20. I made my physical therapy appointment! Yeah. I didn't make the orthopedist appointment. I'm getting conflicting recommendations. Still working on that. If I don't get that done in the next week, I'll pay $20 just for that piece.

    Good luck this week everyone!

  2. Well, I made my bet this week.... barely. Though I'm a little worried because I lost 3/4 of it the day after the weigh in (water weight) and then just 1/4 over the next two weeks. I might need to pay more attention to what I'm eating and dial up my diet and exercise.

    Sonali and I have been doing more weight lifting these last few weeks. We have a membership with school to the YMCA, so I get a little nervous trying to weight lift with these really muscular guys. I mean, we're almost always the only women in there. And usually the only ones with a body fat percentage higher than 4. :P Sometimes I stop before I would or don't lift all together because I get intimidated. So that's something I can work on doing in my fearless life. :)

    I do worry about doing weights when I'm trying to hit the 2 pound number every week. What have you guys been doing? Do you lift, and if you do does it make it more difficult to make the pact?

    Anyways, 10 pounds down (from my steady weight). 40 to go!

  3. Oh by the way, good luck on the interview Rachel! And good job going for it after not getting it once, that takes grit. But then look who I'm talking about. :)

    Good job on the 5k training Gretchen! I'm definitely not going to make any goals like that. But Sonali and I have been having fun making the gym our catch up and chat time. We're going to need to keep up the exercise during board studying or we'll go insane, so that's the plan.

    I forgot to put my goal for this week, 2 pounds once again. I have a feeling I'm going to have to really work for this one.

  4. Gretchen, I've been thinking about your worry of not having enough food, where do you think that came from? I always remember having toooo much food in the house.

    Elizabeth, water weight fluctuates, if we were doing this scientifically I'd worry about the quarter and half pounds as I'm not..don't worry. As long as it says you made your bet either Monday or Sunday, I'm good with the numbers. As for the weight lifters, don't worry about them, what are they going to do? Did you know that is the NUMBER one reason that women refuse to lift weights, too many men! Have you read the Cinderella Pact? there is a hilarious scene where the girl goes in to lift weights. Anyway, just don't giggle too much and I'm sure they'll ignore you! :) I've been doing 2 days of boxing and 2 days of running. I think that if you are working on building muscle that is a good thing. As I remember, muscle burns more calories at rest than fat so its better to build up muscles. It may not show up on the scale THIS week but the long term of that muscle will help you get closer to what you want to achieve.

    This week has been stressful for me and so I'm going to try and 'work out' through the stress instead of the candy section of the Atkins diet section! we'll see how it goes!

  5. Good luck working out through the stress. You can make it through. Just remember, this to will pass.

    For the fear of being hungry, I think it's related to dieting. It's from eating a really low numbers of calories. I don't like being hungry.