Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mid-Interval Check in

What have you done this week that you are proud of?
  • I managed to get my 1 mile walk/run down to under 22 minutes, last week it took me 26
  • I'm down to the tenner spot.  (A tenner is slang for a ten pound note in England.  So, I thought why not use it as a way to define when you are the 0 point of one group of numbers and ready to move to the next.  If you were at 170 and ready to move into the 160's you could say you've reached the tenner spot!) Yes, I am a goober!
  • I didn't eat any Easter Candy! However the Harry and David catalog came this week and on the cover they have peanut butter cookies with chocolate icing and then to add insult to injury they have peanut butter chips to top it off!....I am in cookie he[[!
This little Cinderella Pact is going into its' seventh week! Seventh week people! and I'm still energized!


  1. Well, I lifted weights a couple times this week. So I'm proud of that, even if it won't really help the weight loss "number" game.

    However, yesterday Sonali and I went to Coldstone's with a friend. Looked it up later, the smallest scoop is 16 POINTS in weight watchers!! 16!! That was over half of my daily allowance in one indulgence. Definitely not worth it. hehe

  2. Holly - I managed pain well enough to be able to walk Apollo! My back is still killing me and it’s hard to resist just giving in and sitting down with a bag of Oreos and numbing out—but I did it! If it doesn’t get better soon I’m going to have to go to the doctor to get some prednisone, which I really don’t want to do. Sorry my proud moment is a bit of a bummer…

    Gretchen - threw out a huge birthday cake that she kept snacking on instead of letting it control her! Great job!