Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter – 34 weeks to go!

I hope this post finds everyone slightly smaller!

I made my goal of 2 pounds last week and then being off for Easter break seemed to slow me down. I had lost 3 last week and then this week watched the scale creep back up. I can see that I definitely do better on a schedule, so summer will be interesting when I am not teaching.

How did everyone deal with the big Easter Dinner? Did you control everything via making everything? Or did you watch your portions and just have smaller? Did you say, “ah heck with it! I’m going to eat whatever I want!”? I actually made everything and since I was cooking I chose what we were going to eat and I ate all the asparagus I wanted! So I guess I did more than one of the previous.

Six weeks into the exercise bet: and still going strong. In fact, I was on the wii yesterday and it had a question on ‘everybody votes’ that went something like this: “Have you fulfilled one of your life goals?” My answer was YES but then I thought how sad would it be if someone had never fulfilled any, then my wandering brain thought, ‘well, what else have you wanted to do and haven’t done it yet?’ that question was had an easy answer: run a marathon. I have a reason; hang with me on the long explanation. A friend of my mother’s, who was extremely overweight, once posed a question to my mother; what would you do if the fat fairy came along and zap you were thin again? I am not sure what my mother’s answer was and I know I didn’t have one for her but her answer was: I would love to be able to run and skip, that’s it run and skip. I thought to myself, wow, that’s it? Run and skip? Me…I’d want to run a marathon! Fast forward to Friday, and I’m thinking back to that day and I started to think how I could get myself up to running a marathon. Now, sometimes I believe in providence and sometimes I don’t but that day when I went to the commissary on the marquee was an advertisement for a 5K run for Earth Day! And then it quickly scrolled other 5K runs. I thought, ‘woohoo that is a baby step towards a marathon. At first I thought I’d give myself a year to get ready but then I saw that there is a 5K run in November which is 2 weeks before this Cinderella Pact is over and I think it would be a fabulous way to end out 40 weeks of weight loss. Saturday I started training, I ran/walked (emphasis on walk) a mile in 24 minutes and let me tell you wii miles are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different than actual miles! :) Today I ran/walked (more running this time) and did it in less than 23 minutes! Baby steps! Baby steps!

What would your wish be if the fat fairy visited you?


  1. Goal: 2 pounds in 2 weeks and exercising for 4X a week for the next 2 weeks!

  2. Wow, I've always thought it would be great to run a marathon too! But... I hate running. I like other kinds of exercise, but running makes me want to hurt someone. :) Though I do remember running 4 miles for fun one time in high school. Maybe I liked it more when I was thin.

    Let's see, my wish if the fat fairy visited me would be to have a bunch of money and go SHOPPING! I haven't enjoyed shopping a whole bunch since I gained the weight, but I remember loving to try on cute little outfits. Remember picking swimsuits not based on how much they covered up, but on how much they revealed? :)

    One thing I would like to do physically? Actually be able to keep up in one of those hour long spin classes. Those people are hard core! And it is kind of fun cycling in the dark.

    Now the bet. I lost this one. :( I won't give a bunch of excuses. Let me just pay my $20 and it starts over tomorrow. I basically maintained, so here's to those pesky two pounds being gone two weeks from now. Rah!

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  4. I met and exceeded my goal! Very exciting. Now's the hard part: maintaining my exercise and nutrition goals in the face of Exam Week, where I usually live off of fast food and soda. I'm so far behind on preparing for this exam, but I'm hoping to workout whenever I go home today, though that will probably be at 1am. ;p

    Same goal for the next two weeks, 2 lbs weight loss.

    What would I do if I was zapped skinny? Oh man. I would really love to run a marathon, as sort of proof to myself that I can commit to a serious fitness goal and accomplish it, but as far as what would be the FIRST thing I do? I'd probably sign up for jiu jitsu again! I studied American jiu jitsu in college and gave it up when I graduated and came home to take care of my mom, and almost a decade later I still miss it: it's great for working through your emotions, giving you self-confidence and mental clarity. It's a fairly rough-and-tumble martial art, with lots of tossing and falling; with my current weight status I'd really be a risk to injure my partner/be injured myself. So I'm hoping that the Cinderella Pact will allow me to lose enough weight to start kicking butt again -- literally!!!

  5. Gretchen says:

    I barely made it this time. As of Sat. morning I was down 2.1 pounds. Whew. I'm going to call that good.

    Exercise wise, I almost lost. Elizabeth talked me into exercising on Thursday. That 20 minutes of sleep wasn't worth the $100. By Sunday, I am in full swing of exercise again. Good thing I didn't loose it! OH! And the Wii balance games are really good for building may abdominal strength.

    Easter was tough for me. My Achilles heal (as Elizabeth called it) is candy and Easter has lots of it! I did good at the Easter lunch. Had some ham, potatoes and salad. Skipped the cheese cake and roles. Then there's the candy... At dinner I wasn't very hungry so I didn't each a huge dinner. I'm going to have to have Warren hide the kids candy from me.

    I'm totally in for the 5K in November. I'll do that with you. I'm planning on a walk/run not a run with my knees.

    All I really want if the fat fairly came is to be able to spryly get up and down off the ground. That's the most painful thing on my knees and that's where my kids play. 13 Pounds down since January and it's still hard.

    My goal for this week: 2 pounds, exercise 4X/week and set up a appointment for the orthopedist and physical therapist. If I'm going to do a 5K and be able to get up off the ground I have to add that last one in. Besides, I already met my deductible for the year with my little abdominal surgery.


  6. Amber - I lost 3lbs over the last two weeks...worked out for 20min 3x a week. Next two weeks I want to lose 3lbs and work out 30min 3 x a week. Way to go ladies; keep it up!

    Holly - Since I injured my back my goal had been to maintain and I ended up losing nearly 2 pounds over the break! I’m sticking with a pound per week for the next two weeks. Good luck everyone!