Sunday, March 10, 2013

2 weeks to go and almost there!

We have 14 days left until our March 25th weigh in and a couple of things happened.  My sister had two weeks where she was surrounded by really non-diet food and gained some weight.  She calculated that she would have to eat 1200 calories a day to lose the weight she had gained/needed to lose to meet the 25th of March deadline.  So, I told her I would do the 1200 calories a day, My Fitness pal says I should be around 1450 to lose a half a pound to a pound a week.  Oh My Goodness, the first couple of days I was STARVING.  But the results have been pleasant.  So, as of this morning I have only .6 pounds to lose to make my bet.  OH Yeah!!!

Then, I decided to take my 2 days off of exercising consecutively, I took Monday and then took Tuesday off...and it bled into taking Wednesday off...and then Friday off....egads! The Exercise Trap; when you are exercising on a regular basis you feel WONDERFUL and then when you take a couple days off (my limit seems to be 2 days in a row) and then I want to become a sloth and BFFs with my Tivo remote.  When I exercise, no I didn't say if I said when, I will have only exercised three times this week for only 20 minutes each.  Which is really sad because I was going on a 4 week streak of 5 times each with at LEAST 45 but more like an hour of experiencing!

So, my goals for this week are to get back to exercising and try and lose at least a pound so that I will be under my goal and have a little bit of buffer.

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