Friday, July 20, 2012

almost home a week...and 5 pounds lost!

I know I lamented about not losing weight in MT, but apparently my body was "saving" it for this week. :) 

We (my sister, my dad {gasp} and I started a new diet pact - this one has been dubbed the 4th of July Bet.

Here are our rules:

  • 50 week bet of half pound a week. 
    • We are shooting for 1/2 pound a week. That's 6 pounds per 12 week session. The penalties apply at 5 pound per 12 week session. 
  • Check in days are on Mondays.
  • If a quarterly check in is not achieved then the participant will pay $100 to the opposite political party. For the quarter following the payment, we will pledge to loose 5 pounds from there. For example, if the second quarter we miss our 10 pound goal and loose 8 pounds, then $100 would be owed to the other party and the third quarter goal will be 13 pounds.
  • If someone passes the goal for the quarter, GOOD JOB! The next quarter's goal stays the same. For example, if someone looses 8 pounds in the first quarter, then the second quarter goal is still 10 pounds. 
  • We are counting in whole pounds, no rounding.

Start bet July 16, 2012
1st Quarter Check in = 5 pound loss by October 8, 2012
     Total Goal Loss: 5
2nd Quarter Check in = 5 pound loss by December 31, 2012 (Because of the cruise dad has to maintain this quarter, his goal will be to loose 5 pounds total by Dec. 31)
     Total Goal Loss: 10
3rd Quarter Check in = 5 pound loss by March 25, 2013
     Total Goal Loss: 15
4th Quarter Check in = 5 pound loss by July 4, 2013 
     Total Goal Loss: 20

My sister wrote up the rules...I think she missed her calling as a lawyer! :)  hmm...we didn't have any contingency plans if someone lost all of their weight before the 4th of July 2013...we should all be that lucky (ahem skilled) to lose our 20 pounds before the deadline!

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