Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 4, 36 to go!

Can you believe a month has gone by since we started?

Well, this little Cinderella Pact is growing. I hear there are others who would like to participate and create their own little groups. So, if you want to create an auxiliary group, wow! I am so glad you are here! Best of luck to you all! Here is a quick review of rules:

1. Find at least one other person to do this with you because changing the way you eat and live is difficult and having someone to lean on and boost you up is key.
2. Each of you puts ten bucks in the pot. Then decide on a monetary amount that you feel like will motivate you to lose the weight, for me it is 20 bucks. Then decide how much you will lose in 2 weeks. Ours was 2 pounds in 2 weeks because we didn’t want it to be a starvation diet since we obviously didn’t learn anything from those crash and burn diets we’d all done before. Have a neutral party hold your money, so that you are not tempted to give up. I chose my spouse. Pick someone you trust!
3. Pick an end date and a goal to be working towards. Ours was Thanksgiving.
4. Post your results here!

Thoughts about these last two weeks:
There has been some discussion about banking pounds and my overall feeling about that is…NO! That just opens up a whole can of worms better left alone. The beauty of the two week time line is that even if you had a terrible night of temptations you can balance that out the rest of the 13 days. I can also see in the future where the scale will refuse to move for a week and then you have to put your 20 bucks into the pot, but guess what, that next Monday is a clean slate. You get to start over, because wouldn’t banking pounds mean that if you failed then you were in the red and you had to then lose 3 pounds to stay on track?

Anyone else’s jeans getting loose? I need go buy a belt, hee hee!


  1. Hi! OK Liz said I should come introduce myself, I'm not really sure how blogspot works so forgive me if I'm doing it wrong!

    My name is Sonali, i'm in school with Liz, and I'm hoping that this pact will help me undo the damage I've done to myself with my horrible diet and sedentary student lifestyle.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!

  2. There is no wrong way :) I try to tell myself it took 20 years to put it on so I should give myself some slack for taking it off slowly, but being an American I want it NOW so I'm trying to live in the middle somewhere...reasonable!

  3. Yes, so Sonali and I started officially today. I've been dieting but not on the Cinderella Pact for the past 5-6 weeks, and I've lost a little weight so far. But I love the comraderie (sp) of this pact. :)

    I weighed in on Sunday and am starting at 209.7. So my goal for two weeks from then is 207.7!

    I had my first setback in a while tonight. Got home with 16 points left for the day and made.... Bacon Spaghetti. Dum dum dum. But back to the gym tomorrow, time to shake it off. No my pants aren't loose yet, but I don't have to suck in my breath to button them anymore! yay!

  4. First off, I would like to Welcome Sonali and Elizabeth! We are very excited to have you.

    I'm a little slow on the blog. I can read the blog from work, but I can't update it. Security.

    So, I have an idea! What do you all think about giving the money we build to charity at the end of the pact? That way none of us are "benefiting" from someone else's misfortune and hey the money goes to a good cause.

    This also means that we could give the money monthly and new people can join later in the game. We could all go until Thanks Giving and then start again next year. (I need this for maintenance just as much as I need it for loosing the weight.... assuming I don't have more to loose next year.)

    What do you all think?

    BTW: Lost 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks, Total since 2/22 = 6.8. At work they are having a weight loss challenge. They weigh us every 6 weeks. I got 3rd place! :) I started that before I started this. I hadn't lost a single pound until I started this with you all. Thanks everyone!