Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week 2 down 38 more to go for Cinderella Pact & 8 more for exercise bet

Everyone’s update thus far:

Rachel – down 3 lbs & exercised 8 days within the last 2 weeks

Holly – down 2 lbs & exercised Apollo 2x the last 14 days making her have LOTS AND LOTS of banked days! Not that Apollo will let her have a day off!

Gretchen – down 6 lbs (due to liquid diet & surgery) exercised as much as the doctor would allow. Her new goal is to maintain within a 3 lb range for next two weeks.

Amber - down ?, will start exercise bet on Monday!

Some thoughts on this week:

This week I thought I did everything right however Monday – Friday however, I hovered in a +/- 0.4 he[[. Monday I went up .2, Tuesday went up .4, Thursday went up 2.2 and then Friday went down .4 and then on Sunday I was down 2.9 which roughly translates to NOTHING LOST FOR A WHOLE BLESSED WEEK! I was good, I didn’t spiral out of control into a sugar induced coma (not comma, thank you spell check gods), which is where I would have gone 2 months ago. Instead I told myself that, it is probably my body’s reaction to loosing 3 the week prior and kept going.

Which leads me to an interesting question; what do you tell yourself when the scale doesn’t move? I have read from multiple sources that the scale isn’t the only measurement we should use. The experts suggest that I get a tape measure out and measure my lovely parts and keep track of that. Others say to weigh myself only once a week. I could do the first *if* I could find my measuring tape; the latter is hard as I really like those silly stamps on the wii calendar. To be able to look at a whole month and see how many times I exercised is a point of pride for me. I did take a picture of myself last Monday, as a ‘starting weight picture’ so maybe a good idea would be to take a picture (gulp) every Monday and then I could see my weekly progress?

The only mantra I can seem to come up with is: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, ala Dory from ‘Finding Nemo.’ Any others?


  1. My 8 pound loss from surgery is now a 2.5 pound loss for 2 weeks. I will commit to walking 3 times this week and eating less (I haven't decided how I'm going to hold my self accountable for the second one yet.) I'm also hoping to loose 2 pounds over the next 2 weeks, however, I'm not willing to commit to weigh loss 3 weeks after surgery. I will commit to not gaining any though. ;)


  2. Amber - 1 pound lost (fulfilled bet), will start exercise Monday, March 8th

  3. I haven't started exercising... I'm at risks of not making it 3 times! Warren had to go to Germany and I've moved in with my folks.... All excuses. Now I only have 3 days to get in 3 days of exercise!!!

  4. Ok. I didn't get my exercise in last week.... But, I went for a walk with my family for 30 minutes today!

  5. My friend Sonali and I have decided to join the bet. :) Well, the last 36 weeks of it starting on Monday. I just sent her an invite for the blog. Not going to do the exercise bet though, I like the shorter blocks of this one. Here's to being two pounds lighter two weeks from Monday!